Our History

Pioneering a Healthier & Cleaner Future for Cats and Their Owners

Welcome to Cat2Cat! Our journey began in 1998 when we founded our parent company, focused on producing healthy and functional food products.

Our company's core strength lies in identifying unmet needs in the market and developing innovative solutions through intensive research and development. We put health at the center of all our products, ensuring that our offerings cater to the well-being of our customers and their loved ones.

Over the years, our keen ability to determine missing yet desired products in various markets allowed us to identify a significant need in the pet care industry. We recognized that pet owners were seeking a healthier, dust-free cat litter solution that would improve the lives of cats and their caregivers. After years of intensive research and development, we created the groundbreaking Microball technology, which provides a 100% dust-free cat litter that outperforms traditional options.

Today, Cat2Cat is proud to offer innovative and high-quality cat litter designed to make cat care easier, cleaner, and more enjoyable for pet owners and their beloved feline companions. Our commitment to health, innovation, and identifying unmet needs in the market continues to drive us forward as we develop new solutions for the pet care industry.

Innovative vision, revolutionizing feline care