Microball Technology

Avoid Respiratory Problems

Test Phase
  • 100% Dust Free
  • Active Carbon
  • Superior Clumping
  • Unmatched Lightness
  • 100% Natural

Breathe Healthy

Cat2Cat is not just a bentonite cat litter.

At the heart of our cat litter, is the Microball Technology that ensures a 100% dust-free product, making it the healthiest choice for cats prone to respiratory problems.

Our unique Microball formula is designed with a four-layer structure.

Cat2Cat’s meticulous layering process results in perfect spherical particles that don't break apart or produce dust at any stage.

Unlike traditional cat litter, which often has irregularly shaped particles with edges that can crumble during transportation, our Microball formula protects your cat's sensitive respiratory system while reducing mess.

No Masking

Cat2Cat’s production process with a 4-layer structure ensures a homogeneous and compact ball that boasts consistent features and performance.

Volcanic rock, with its water-absorbing properties, serves as the core material and is responsible for absorbing urine.

The third layer contains odor-absorbing activated carbon, which acts as an ammonia absorber (eliminating urine odor) without masking it with essences & chemicals.

Quick Clumps

Cat2Cat boasts rapid absorption capabilities, reducing the frequency of litter box cleaning and making maintenance a breeze for you.

Easy Handling

Cat2Cat's Microball cat litter is significantly lighter than competitor products, offering substantial advantages in terms of transportation and handling.

Chemical Free

Cat2Cat does not contain any chemicals or perfumes to mask unpleasant smells. Instead, our Microball technology, with its natural absorbency and odor-neutralizing properties, effectively works and does its job at the source with natural properties. This means a healthier, fresher and cleaner environment for you and your feline friend without chemicals.